"Reviewing The Top Escort Websites Of Independent Escorts and Escort Services In The US"

Hi, my name is Frank Edward and I have been reviewing escort, swinger and escort services for the past 20 years. Before the internet, I reviewed local escort services and wrote many articles for alternative lifestyle magazines, escort review newspapers and swinger magazines reviewing both Escort Services and Independent Escort Providers in major cities located across the United States.

I currently own 4 local free Alternative lifestyle newspapers in the Los Angeles, California, Miami, and Arizona area catering to alternative lifestyles: Swingers, lesbians, gay, piercing, tattoos, and companionship connoisseurs. It's the second largest free publication in the US for alternative lifestyles. I've also been an escort hobbyist for most of my entire life. I've personally have had over 500 dates with escorts in the past 20 years. Most likely you have found this website from my personal column I write weekly in my newspapers.

With the invention of the internet, we have seen a brand new market place emerge to showcase escorts and escort companies. Over the past few years we have seen many escort sites come and go. It's very important when choosing an escort company to read "real reviews" from real people who have used and experienced the escort site themselves. Make sure the site you use can be trusted as being a reliable site for finding local escorts.

During the past 20 years I have personally reviewed more than 340 local escort companies as well as 41 escort websites. Out of those 41 escort sites I have reviewed in the past few years, only a slight majority of them have received remarkable reviews. Most of the Escort Sites I have reviewed have not been so great for many reasons. But there are a few that stand out as being exceptional.

The best escort site I have reviewed online is still HotLocalEscorts.com for many reasons. First off, they have been online for almost 10 years now. They were the second online escort website that we reviewed and they are the oldest escort site that remains prosperous today. As escort sites started popping up on the internet many based their business model on making the escorts pay for their profiles and anyone could review the escorts phone number and email address in order to contact them for free.

Though this was good for the clients/escort daters, this was horrible for the escorts. Let me explain why. If you open up any phone book, you will see thousands of escort ads. The phone numbers are available to the public. Now let me explain why this is a problem for the escorts. When escorts post their phone numbers and email addresses online or in phonebooks available to the public, anyone can contact them. There is no screening process of people who call them. So most likely if an escort receives 30 phone calls a day, about 25-27 of them will be price shoppers (people trying to get the lowest price) or they could just be curious and wasting the escorts time. A lot of escorts then raise their price to make up for the time spent taking wasteful phone calls. (and after dating many escorts in my life its common for an escort to have 50 phone calls in a row without a single date)

HotLocalEscorts.com realized this could be a major problem for escorts and decided to change their business model to benefit both the customer and the escort. HotLocalEscorts.com does NOT charge the escort to post their profile. Instead they let all of their escorts post their profiles and photos for free on their site. All of their escort information is available on their website for free except their phone numbers or contact information. Any customer that wants to get an escorts contact info must join HotLocalEscorts.com and pay a small fee. This small fee allows HotLocalEscorts.com to basically screen the members before they signup.

This is a huge benefit to the escorts, escort services and customers in many ways. First off any escort who receives a phone call from a member of HotLocalEscorts.com knows that the customer calling them has paid a membership fee to their site. Right away this assures the escort that the person calling is not calling them to waste their time and that they are very serious about hiring an escort for a date.

This also benefits the customer because the escort knows that they are serious about hiring them. This allows escorts to spend less time on the phone and more time taking dates. So many escorts have lowered their pricing to accommodate the fact that they can take on more dates.

Plus they have a self governing system. HotLocalEscorts.com members can leave reviews and rate the escorts on their experience. This rating system maintains that the escorts are fair and reasonable with their customers because HotLocalEscorts.com has a zero strike policy rule. If an escort gets 1 complaint they are removed and banned from the site immediately and permanently.

There are thousands of scam escort sites out there. Many of them install nasty viruses and malware to your computer. Better yet, you don't even know who is running them. Then there comes the billing. Some of these escort sites charge your credit cards for $100's of dollars for nothing. Don't get fooled by the other escort sites that make amazing claims. HotLocalEscorts.com can be trusted. I've been a personal member of their site now for over 2 years and never had any problems.

All the escorts listed on the site have been screened and verified. Escorts who are listed on HotLocalEscorts.com have learned to trust that this is the best business model that benefits everyone involved. Many escorts on HotLocalEscorts.com are also exclusive to the site. Knowing that their phone number will not turn up on other sites and they will not be receiving phone calls from people wasting their time is a huge benefit for the escorts.

The best part about HotLocalEscorts.com is that you can review all of the escorts photos and profiles for free. You do not need to join (you don't even need a credit card and you don't even need to signup) . All you have to do is visit the website and enter in your zip code. Then you will see all the photos of escorts that live in your neighborhood. (I was actually shocked to find out 2 of my neighbors living in my apartment building were escorts). Then if you decide you want to contact an escort all you need to do is signup.

To lookup escorts in your neighborhood for free enter your zip code below. You might even be shocked that you recognize someone on there!

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Many escort sites install viruses and can ruin your computer. Not only that, many escort sites can steal your credit card number and cause lots of financial problems. There is even the possibility that the escort site you are about to join is not even real! Who is behind the site? Just think about how your entire reputation could be at jeopardy! Stop worrying because we do all the research for you. We only review real escort sites. We spent the time and money to get the real inside scoop about the best escort sites on the net. So before you think of hiring an escort or signing up to an escort site, read this entire page very carefully!


Before you hire an escort, do your research! In order to get the best deals you want to deal with the escorts directly. Cut out the middle man, and find the best way to work out a deal with the escort directly.
Always be on your best polite and respectful. Escorts are people will real feelings and emotions. The nicer you treat them, the nicer they will treat you. This is common sense, but it's important to remember that.
Personal Hygiene is very important. Take a shower before your date and personal grooming is also very important. Shave, shower, and put on some nice smelling cologne. Even ask the escort what their favorite cologne is when setting the date! Also make sure to brush your teeth and have breath mints.
Remember your time with an escort is for their companionship only. Escorts are not prostitutes. Be respectful and courteous at all times.


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